Chinese communication enterprises support romanian wisdom urban construction

Chinese communication enterprises support romanian wisdom urban construction


Romania's second city BBS wisdom and 8 in Bucharest, opened in the university of science and technology exhibition invited Chinese telecommunications companies such as zte, with Luo Zhengfu officials, experts and peers to share wisdom city construction train of thought and experience.

As chief partner of BBS, ZTE Romania company general manager Wangbo was invited to the opening speech ZTE are introduced in the intelligent urban overall planning and deployment of mentality and practice experience, and successful cases in China and some European countries, including in western city timisoara Romania cooperation with the local government to build intelligent parking system.

Wangbo said, "wisdom city" concept until recently in Romania or a hype.In the next two or three years, however, with the wisdom of city construction to implement step by step, and more and more cities to join, Romanian wisdom city construction will usher in unprecedented development. ZTE will continue to support the Romanian city planning and construction, strengthen cooperation with the government and all parties, jointly promote the intelligent urban area development.

On BBS exhibition, ZTE shows the wisdom of the new city solutions, including integrated wireless hotspot, environmental monitoring, urban monitoring, intelligent street lamp, electric vehicle charging technology into an organic whole "null fitting eries" intelligent street lamp integrated solutions, highly appreciated by the participants.

BBS strategic partner China Huawei Romanian company focus on the wisdom of the implementation of longgang in shenzhen Huawei case, including political wisdom, wisdom, medical treatment, traffic, wisdom education, etc. 11 engineering construction.Huawei Romania represents Liu Ke says, is entering a new era of network, many cities are planning to accelerate the process of wisdom city construction, Huawei is willing to work with local government and enterprise cooperation, jointly create wisdom city road to the future.

Well-known companies such as Cisco, Germany's Siemens, China HikVision also participated in this BBS.