Quality Assurance

Based on the requirement of product quality assurance, FP introduced ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System in 2017,and strictly controlled the whole process according to the quality system management requirements. 


Quality System

 ● Supplier Quality Management


·      Imcoming Materiasls Inspection And Storage Management

·       Quality Control Of Production Process

 Make a timely treatment of defective products

 Using statistical method to control product bad rate

 Analysis of the first batch of output and quality to identify and evaluate quality trends

 Unscheduled inspection of the production line to achieve continuous improvement and maintain quality

 Using QR code management system to guarantee the traceability of product quality

·      ● Quality Control of Shipments

·      ● Product Reliability Test

·      ● Customer Satisfaction

Response to customer requirements within 8 hours and reply within 24 hours

Testing Equipment

FP pay great attention on testing and certification control procedure. To guarantee products reliability and high-level stable performance, FP imported plenty of professional testing equipment

● Telcordia Professional Mechanical Testing Equipment.

● Telcordia Professional Environment Testing Equipment.

● IL, RL, Interferometer and End-face Checking all using the World Famous Brand Equipment.

● Imported high precision dimension testing equipment.

● World famous polishing and processing equipment.

● Third party certified for RoHs and UL.

● Regular Calibration.