Level 3 expansion Ethernet services in 15 European markets

Level 3 expansion Ethernet services  in 15 European markets


        Level 3 award-winning Metro 2.0 global Ethernet through virtualization platform and software defined network (SDN) solution, is the enterprise to be able to run more efficient and more flexible network. From a wider range of company's point of view, Level 3 of the Ethernet expansion in Europe, marks the company to the global network to launch the so-called simple plan, the ubiquity of Ethernet platform, and constantly strengthen the company's global SDN deployment.
         At present, the Level 3 Ethernet services have covered 290 markets around the world, including 15 new markest in Europe.Level 3 Ethernet services can provide from 2 Mbit/s to 6Mbit/S flexible bandwidth choice. In the Vertical System Group, the latest global Ethernet charts, Level beyond Verizon to become the world's fifth-largest Ethernet service provider.