Difference between CCWDM and CWDM Modules

CCWDM modules are based on Thin-Film Technology and TFF+ free sapcing Packaged platform,keeping the device in compact size and excellent performance.Excellent device qualification test ensure the long term performance of module products in field applications.

Jiexun’s CCWDM have the advantage on volume and cost.



CCWDM measurement:                      Common CWDM measurement

1*4  L44*W25*H6mm                          L100*W80*H10mm 

1*8  L44*W25*H6mm


2.Insertion loss:

CCWDM                       Common CWDM:

4CH:1.0dB                     4CH:1.5dB

8CH:1.5dB                     8CH:2.5dB

18CH:2dB                     18CH:3.5dB


1.Jiexun do OEM for mainstream company in china,We are their A grade supplier

2.Jiexun do vertical intergration, we have imported Coating machines from Japan,we can supply competitive price.

3.High quality and reliable product ,we can control the quality on whole manufacturing process, we test the products on -40℃ ,25℃ ,85℃,after TC high and low temperature circulation oven ,the insertion loss just changed slightly. 

4.WDM full parameter testing system,which has been developed by our team,has highly improve the WDM device and modules testing efficiency and data integrated services.

5.ORT online monitoring

6.100 thousand dust-free workshop

7.Customized(Channel Plan per customer requirement, module )

8.Jiexun has reached within 16 months zero complain achievement