Huawei capacity continues to break through

Huawei power take the lead in the commercial world first Shanghai China mobile broadband multi-input multi-output (MIMO) upward to achieve 3 d 8 flow, capacity continues to break through
[Shanghai, November 8, 2016] recently, the Shanghai mobile and Huawei launched the world's first broadband multi-input multi-output (MIMO) site in 3 d.This is the world debut in September 2015 in Shanghai, the first 3 d MIMO solution after another milestone, mark 3 d MIMO technology is a step size is an important step in the commercial, opened up the road to the future evolution of 5 g the bandwidth.The solution will be 4 g era of single base station 5 times, improve the capacity can realize single stand 5 ~ 6 Giga ability.