Huawei: Innovation will drive the economic development in the field of ICT

Huawei: Innovation will drive the economic development in the field of ICT
[Latvia, Riga, November 8, 2016] the sixth China - central and eastern Europe economic and trade BBS held in Latvia's capital Riga, the northeast region, vice President of huawei GuanJun attend BBS and delivered a keynote speech about ICT industrialization and sustainable development.
GuanJun said that ICT is an important part of economic development, innovation in the field of ICT is one of the main driving force of economic development.Huawei company after 29 years of development has become a leading global ICT vendors, we has been committed to the use of advanced technology of ICT service global business all connection, Huawei has currently more than 170 countries around the world, services more than a third of the world's population.
GuanJun stressed that ICT system is from the migration to the production system, support system, with the advent of the era of industrial 4.0 business driven ICT infrastructure is the cornerstone of digital industry.
Based on the cloud, big data and intelligence in the field of Internet of things for many years accumulation and continuous technological innovation, the company has with SAP, Accenture, Siemens and other global more than 300 partners and jointly promote the industry standardization, and have formed a complete set of application in industrial 4.0 era of ICT infrastructure and open, innovation of the ecological system.
The company will continue to be committed to innovation in the field of ICT, together with partners, ICT infrastructure to support industrialization driven by the business and the sustainable development, industrial 4.0 era.
The fifth China - central and eastern Europe leaders' meeting trade BBS opened on November 5, Chinese premier li keqiang attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech, business people from China and central and eastern Europe, nearly one thousand people attended the BBS.