FP-OTB-0216-D3 Fiber Optic Terminal Box

FP-OTB-0216-D3 Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Fiber optic terminal box is an equipment that mainly used for the optical cable distribution ,the fusion of optical cable and pigtail,and the storage and protection of the fiber.It is suitable for the direct and branch connection of the optical fiber cable and protects the optical fiber connector.

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FP-OTB-0216-D3 is a fiber optic terminal box that use for loading plastic fiber optic splitter cassette for the distribution and terminal connection of various kinds of optical fiber system, especially suitable for mini-network terminal distribution. It can be outdoor wall mounted, pole mounted application. 


Made of ABS plastic.

Can load 1pc 1x16 or 2pcs 1x8 splitter cassette.

Rainfall resistant, IP65 outdoor using.

Wall mounting and pole mounting application. 

2pcs cable entry ports with M20 PG gland; 16pcs exit ports for 2*3mm FTTH drop cable.






Splitter cassette


16 fibers


2pcs 1x8 or 1pc 1x16 splitter cassette


FTTH access network

Telecommunication Networks

CATV Networks

Data communications Networks

Local Area Networks