PWDM Devices

PWDM Devices

Jiexun produce PWDM Devices are based on Thin-Film Technology and All-Glass Packaged platform, keeping the device in compact size and excellent performance.

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Jiexun produce high quality PWDM devices. 



● Low Insertion Loss【低损耗】

● Excellent Channel Isolation【高隔离度】

● High Stability & Reliability【高稳定性&高可靠性】

● Low Cost【低成本】



● PON【无源光网络】

● WDM Networks & Systems【WDM网络&系统】

● CATV Fiber Optical Links【有线电视光纤光学连接】

● Accessing LAN Networks【LAN接入网】

● Short-Distance Communications【短途通信】